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Banner l-r: Our wedding photo, Mathilda at age 3, Ranger & Lyla, Lem, Mathilda throwing pottery, one of Ruth's quilts, Cousin Harry Connick Jr., the Rheinfalls in the Swiss ancestral Tanner hometown of Neuhausen, Dan/Ruth/Mathilda after her college graduation.

Our estate in Dominica is now for sale! Reasons? (1) We never planned to live out our days here. (2) We're now financially better able to live in the USA than were were five years ago. (3) Our daughter is now settled down in North Carolina, so we now know where we want to live. See Sea Fans Villa for sale. The price? US$165,000. Please call us at 508-745-5760 if you have interest or questions. Thank you.

(Needle Art, Bead/Shell-Work)

(Fine Art)

(Music, Dog Training)



(Auto Racing)

(Closed - I've retired.)

Slide shows:

We live in beautiful Dominica. Our home, Sea Fans Villa, Calibishie.

Our location: Latitude 15 deg 35 min 31.46 North, Longitude 61 deg 20 min 49.23 West, 202 feet above sea level.

Sea Fans Apartment (self-catering), Calibishie.

Land for sale in Calibishie. Building Sea Fans Villa. (10-page slide show) Ruth's Seashell Jewelry.

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Photo left: With our dear friends Roger (top, best man at our 1973 wedding and Rita, left) on Martha's Vineyard, July 2003. Photo right: With our dearest friends in Dominica, Herry and Hildreth WIlson, having dinner at the Blue Bay Restaurant in Lagon, Dominica.

Our Song. Ruth's mother's 1944 voice recital.

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