Amsterdam_canal_bridges Amsterdam is a city with many concentric canals. This slide show has shots from my trip there in 1970 and my visit there with Ruth in 1974. Amsterdam_canals On tour in a canal boat Amsterdan_furniture_hoists Canal frontage was precious. so the buildings and their doorways and staircases are narrow.  They used block and tackle to lift furniture from the canal or street and bring it in through wide windows. Amsterdam_canal_crossing An intersection takes four bridges. Anne_Frank_house_Star_of_David The Anne_Frank_house_her_wall Here a tourist gazes at the magazine cutouts that Anne Frank pasted onto the wall in her hidden room. Amsterdan_still_life This and many of the folowing photos are of art in the National Museum, the Rijksmuseum. Amsterdam_lute_player Amsterdam_Draper's_Guild Rembrandt: Draper's Guild Amsterdam_Night_Watch Rembrand: Night Watch Amsterdam_large_group_portrait Amsterdam_large_group_portrait_detail Detail from previous slide guild_painting_detail Another detail Rembrandt_Cupid_cutting_Sampson's_hair Rembrandt: (cartoon) Cupid (the artist) cutting Sampson's hair Rembrandt_portrait_of_the_artist's_mother Rembrandt: Portrait of the artist's mother Rembrandt_Holy_Family Rembrandt: Holy Family Vermeer_grace Vermeer: Grace Rembrandt_self-portrait Rembrandt: Self-portrait doll's_house_Ruth Ruth stands next to a doll's house. doll's_house_window_Ruth Ruth peering into a doll's house window. doll's_house_kitchen A doll's house kitchen, taken through the little window. Amsterdam_drydocks