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bay Photos from our November 1997 Trip to Belize. This is a view from Ambergris Cay. We'll show underwater photos first. 4eyebutterflyfish Four-eye butterfly fish. discus Discus barracuda A barracuda. bluetang Blue tang blueheadwrasse Blue-headed wrasse yellowheadwrasse Yellow-headed wrasse coral Coral yellowjacks Yellow jacks grayangelfish Gray angelfish queenangelfish Queen angelfish nassaugrouper Nassau grouper parrotfish Parrotfish porkfish Porkfish ray-sharks Nurse sharks and a bat-ray ray Bat ray rockbeauty Rock beauty sergeantmajor Sergeant-major shark Nurse shark tophat Top-hat (lower left, above the photo caption) spinyfish I don't know the itentity of this spiny fish. sponges Chimney sponges unknownfish-1 Another fish I can't identify. unknownfish-2 And another mystery fish. bats We took a boat trip from Ambergris Cay to the Belize mainland, and up the Belize River. These are tiny bats that sleep all day and eat inscets at night. crocodile Crocodile figtree Figs howlermonkey Howler monkey in a fig tree. iguana Male iguana displaying for females. pink-hibiscus Pink hibiscus red-hibiscus Double deep pink hibiscus birdofparadise The photo's filename is wrong. This is a Canna, or the Canna Lily.
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