us-lone-cypress Carmel, 17 Mile Drive, Big Sur, & Point Lobos, California: We visited the those area on Columbus Day weekend, 2000. Here we are at the famed Lone Cypress on 17-Mile Drive. carmel-otters-1 Carmel, California is a resort town located on the Monterey Peninsula just north of the famed 17-Mile Drive. The Pebble Beacnorth of Carmel is Point Lobos, where the Big Sur begins. Clint Eastweed was once Carmel's mayor. We stayed in a B&B that was once the home of Jimmy Hatlo, the carmel-otters-2 Sea otters play in the Carmel surf. They come close out of curiousity when they hear dogs bark, and since many people exercise theri retrievers here, there's lots of barking to attract the otters. waterfall This is the beach at Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, famed for its waterfall. It also has a natural arch. natural-arch-1 The natural arch natural-arch-2 The natural arch morning-glories Morning-glories bloom along the paths at Julia Pfeiffer Ward State Park. us-horses-1 We went for a horseback ride amid the coastal redwoods and sycamores near Point Sur along the Big Sur River, which we crossed on horseback four times during our ride. us-horses-2 us-horses-3 us-horses-4 us-horses-5 pointlobos-1 Point Lobos, a few miles south of Carmel is the northern end of Big Sur, which runs about 50 miles south. The Hearst Castle in San Simeon State park is in the Big Sure Area, but we did not have time to visit it. pointlobos-2 pointlobos-otters pointlobos-seals ground-squirrel Seventeen Mile Drive is a private area on the Monterey Peninsula that runs northward from the Pebble Beach golf course on the Carmel border to Monterey. Cute ground squirrels abound on the beach near Bird Rock. cormorants-roosting pelicans-flying pelicans-roosting sooty-gull