01 Block Island Southeast Light is a lighthouse located on the southeast side of Block Island, in the state of Rhode Island. This United States light is considered one of the most important stations in New England, as it signals sea traffic coming from the Atlantic Ocean into the waters of Block Island and Long Island Sound. The light was originally constructed in 1875 under the signature of President Ulysses S. Grant. The original station was built in the Victorian Gothic style, 52 ft high and 202 feet above sea level, and was placed 300 feet from the edge of Mohegan Bluffs on the island. At the time, Block Island light was the tallest light on the New England coast. The original station was equipped with a first-order Fresnel lens, at a cost of $10,000. The station was electrified in 1928. The Mohegan Bluffs have suffered continuous erosion, and the edge of the cliff gradually approached the established site of Block Island Southeast Light. In 1993, the tower was moved to its present location, 300 feet from the new drop-off. Block Island Southeast Light was relighted and placed back into service in August 1994. [That is from Wikipedia. Ruth was the office administrator for the US Army Corps of Engineers office that did the relocation.] 03 06 Approaching the lighthouse from the footpath. 02 You can see the eroding sand cliffs behind us.  In the wind, we could see sand blowing away.  The bluffs recede a few inches each year. 04 The island had a farm catering to vacationers and tourists. It was stocked with oxen like this one, llamas, and emus. 09 I feed a llama. 07 The sea at Block Island.