01 In April 1977, I had a business trip for Interdata to Cambridge, England.  This slide show is of Cambridge University.  This is a courtyard at King's College. 03 Great St. Mary's, the University Church, Cambridge (left) and Clare College (right), which dates from 1326, rebuilt in 1638. 02 The River Cam and Clare College Bridge (erected 1639-40). 04 Me with Great St. Mary's and the Gibbs Building. 05 The River Cam and Clare College Bridge 06 The River Cam and punts. 07 King's College Chapel and the 19th century screen. 08 Great St. Mary's 09 Window in Great St. Mary's 10 King's College (right) 11 King's College 12 13 14 Great St. Mary's.  The earliest record of a church in this site dates back to 1205.  Building of this church started in 1478 and lasted until 1519, with the towers finally completed in 1608. 15 King's College courtyard 16 Great St. Mary's 19 A college courtyard 17 Flowers at King's College 18 Flowers at King's College