01 Chester is famous for its 02 More of the Stone Village. 03 The Stone Village's church. 04 Granite Town Hall in nearby Springfield VT. 05 Eureka Schoolhouse: In 1759 construction began on the Crown Point Military Road to connect Fort No. 4 in Charlestown, New Hampshire, on the Connecticut River with the Fort at Crown Point on Lake Champlain. The Military Road was to become a major route for settlement and Springfield, Vermont was its “southern gateway.” The first village settlement in Springfield was in the northeast section of town, just off the old Military Road. The settlers began con-struction on a schoolhouse in 1785, however the small building was not completed until 1790. Today this building is the oldest one-room schoolhouse in Vermont and one of the few surviving eighteenth century public buildings in the State. 06 The Baltimore Covered Bridge: This Town Lattice Truss bridge, with arched portals, originally crossed the Great Brook in North Springfield on the road leading to the small town of Baltimore, Vermont. The thirty-seven foot long bridge was built in 1870 by Granville Leland and Dennis Allen. In 1970 the bridge was moved to its present location, adjacent to the Eureka Schoolhouse, by Milton S. Graton and dedicated in memory of U.S. Senator Ralph E. Flanders who was actively involved in preserving the bridge and the schoolhouse.