Slide Shows from Our 07/08 Holiday Vacation

I rescued this tiny frog from a hot spring.

A visit to the hot springs at Wotten Waven (I know, it sounds like Elmer Fudd trying to say “Rotten Raven”, but it means “place of waters” in old dialect), the Rainforest Paradise health/nature resort, and Spanny’s falls. Go (34 slides)
. Walks, two on the coast and one around the ridges. Go (51 slides)
Lovely seashells gathered by beachcombing (we don't take live specimens).Go (10 slides)
Flowers, on our land and nearby.(There are a few more flowers in some of the other slide shows, too.) Go (28 slides)
A Caribbean sunset. Go (11 slides)
Some miscelaneous photos. Go (4 slides)

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