01 Us at Champagne. 02 The little mermaid 03 Bubbles rise from the sea floor at Champagne. 04 Seaweed on the bottom. 05 More champagne bubbles. A piece of seaweed floats upward (left). 06 See the eel scurring to hide under the rock? 07 Parrotfish (left) and pipefish. 08 Parrotfish 09 Pipefish (left) 10 Basket sponges and organ-pipe sponges. 11 Redfish 12 Two flounders 13 A red squirrelfish heads for a hiding place.  Notice the two well-camoflauged fish under the rock above it? 14 A bottom-dweller 15 Grunts 16 Yellowtails 17 Blue tang 18 Sergeant-majors 19 Pipefish in its usual head-down attitude 20 Ruth at Trafalgar Falls 21 Trafalgar Falls