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lizard Dominica Animals: According to an expert, Dr. Stephen R. Hill, “The only truly native mammals on Dominica are the bats.  The Caribs brought the agoutis and opossums to the island from their home in South America as food, before Columbus.  The mice and rats came in on their own on ships.  The reptiles are probably native.”  There are many native crabs and snails.  Also, lizards scurry about, and small ones enter homes, staying well out of the way and helpfully clear insects away.  No snake on the island is venomous. bull point-baptist-bull point-baptist-bull-closeup ruth-ranger-kid-2 twin-kids sand-crab hermie I was wrong in labeling this photo.  The soldier crabs are quite different, and have their own hard shells. batibou-1 Batibou Beach is an excellent swimming beach that is reachable by 4WD vehicle or a 10-minute walk from the main road. batibou-2 batibou-3 batibou-4 batibou-5 batibou-6 batibou-7 batibou-8 batibou-cave batibou-river batibou-above-1 batibou-above-2 batibou-ruth-tyre-desmond-1 batibou-above-3 batibou-dan-tyre-desmond batibou-ruth-tyre-desmond-2 hawk Dominica has many birds, but we only photographed a hawk and a hummingbird on our 2004 visit.  We saw parrots, pelicans, cattle egrets, and other birds, too. hummingbird blackbeach The black sand beach. Black sand is black lava ground by the sea.  It is very heavy and amazingly smooth.  It does not stick.  And, because it stays moist, it does not get hot in the sun. blackbeach-view blacksand-redrock ranger-blackbeach dugout-canoe Carib Territory is in the northeast (Atlantic coast).  Arawaks from South America colonized Caribbean islands, and were living on them when Columbus arrived.  These peoples acquired the name carib-church
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