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boquet_IMG_0460 Our slide show starts with a few boquets for you.  All of the flowers came from our yard. boquet_IMG_0444 boquet_IMG_0458 boquet_IMG_0457 boquet_IMG_0461 boquet_IMG_0544 boquet_IMG_0573 boquet_IMG_0572 514600-R1-02-0A_003 Ruth and Chelsi at Secret Beach, Picard. 514600-R1-03-1A_004 Secret Beach 514600-R1-15-13A_016 Underwater at Secret Beach, a sponge. 514600-R1-16-14A_017 Ruth teaches Chelsi how to snorkel. 514600-R1-24-22A_025 Underwater at Secret Beach, sea fans and a lovely blue fish. 514600-R1-18-16A_019 Underwater at Secret Beach, sea fan and other organisms. 514600-R1-19-17A_020 Underwater at Secret Beach, a sponge. 514600-R1-17-15A_018 Underwater at Secret Beach, barnacles on a brain coral. 514600-R1-21-19A_022 Underwater at Secret Beach, sea fans. 514600-R1-12-10A_013 Cave at Secret Beach. It had bats inside and thre was a swimmable exit to the other side of the cliff. 514600-R1-13-11A_014 Us in the cave at Secret Beach. Syndicate_IMG_0487 And now a visit to Morne Diablotin National Park.  This is the visitor center, which catches its own water and uses solar energy exclusively. Syndicate_IMG_0494 Syndicate_IMG_0493 Syndicate_IMG_0492 Syndicate_IMG_0491 Syndicate_IMG_0490 Syndicate_Ruth_Chelsi_IMG_0489 Syndicate_IMG_0488 Syndicate_IMG_0462 Syndicate Falls (named for the syndicated fruit farms in the area) is in the Morne Diablotin National Park.  Here, we begin our short walk to the falls. Syndicate_IMG_0464 Syndicate_IMG_0486 Syndicate_Ruth_IMG_0465 Syndicate_IMG_0480
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