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01-Ruth Ruth and I went to Grand Cayman Island in 1975 and '76.  It was our first Caribbean vacation.  In '75 we were called home after only 2 days because my adoptive father passed away.  So we returned in 1976, in July.  I had business trips bracketing the vacation, and our daughter was born in April 1977.  Do the math.  This is one of my favorite photos of Ruth. 02-map We stayed at the Tortuga Club, on the east end of the island.  This map of the island was on the wall.  In the years since we've visited, the island has become an over-developed off-shore banking haven. [Wikipedia: Grand Cayman is the largest of the three Cayman Islands at about 196 km² and contains the capital George Town. Towns on the island are referred to as 03-sunset 04-George_Town George Town, 1975.  Now it has fast food joints, etc. 05-road The roads when we visited were crushed limestone. 06-hibiscus Hibiscus 07-hibiscus Hibiscus 08-bougainvilla Bougainvilla 08-lantana Lantana 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17-coconut_tree Coconut tree 18-coconuts Coconuts 19-sea_plums Sea Plums 20-sea_chestnut Sea chestnut 21-sea_grapes Sea Grape 22-lavender Lavender 24-thatch A thatched roof. 25-mangrove Mangrove 26-lime Natural lime 27-Hell The vista in the village of Hell (really).  Named because the soluble parts of the limestone have washed away, creating this forbidding terrain. 28-Ruth_Mariculture Ruth holds a juvenile sea turtle at Mariculture.  In the wild, about 1 percent of turtle hatchlings survive to maturity, but at this farm, 99% do, and they're used as food.  There's a place on the island called 29-sea_turtle The breeding female. 30-gecko A gecko. 31-gecko Another gecko. 32-crab A crab on the beach. 33Tortuga_Club The Tortuga Club from its dock.
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