us-jacksonsquare We honeymooned in New Orleans in March 1973. These are some photos we took using Ruth's Kodak Instamatic. Hope you enjoy them! Here are some views in the French Quarter brennans We had a traditional dt-sub This 3-man Confederate submarine, powered by a hand-cranked propeller, was at the Presidio Museum.

rt-wagon us-carriage longview-fountain Views at Longview Garden, Metairie LA longview-dt-fountain longview-dt-patio longview-lawn bayou Views on the Mississippi River burialground us-helm rt-helm dt-helm tradetower barges parade-1 Mardi Gras Day, and The Krewe of King Rex rolls down St. Charles.
parade-2 parade-3 parade-4 parade-5 parade-6 parade-7 parade-8 parade-9 parade-10 parade-11 parade-12 parade-13 parade-14 Ruth, sccreaming the traditional