Leiden_West_Gate_over_Old_Rhein I lived in a Leiden commune for a time, and also took Ruth there in 1974. [Wikipedia]: Leiden (in English also – though now rarely – Leyden) is a city and municipality in the province of South Holland in the Netherlands. It forms a single urban area with Oegstgeest, Leiderdorp, Voorschoten, Valkenburg, Rijnsburg and Katwijk, with 254,000 inhabitants. It is located on the Old Rhine, close to the cities of The Hague and Haarlem.

Leiden is also the birthplace of Rembrandt and a university town since 1575, and famed for the Leiden Jar (a capacitor that stored static electricity).  Also, the Pilgrims, led by John Robinson, first settled in Leiden, but left because their children were becoming too like the Dutch. Leiden_Peter's_Church This is Peter's Church, where the Pilgrims worshiped. Leiden_John_Robinson's_house This little brick house next to the church is where John Robinson lived. Leiden_entrance_to_Pilgrim's_quarter And this house is the gate to the courtyard where the Pilgrims lived. Leiden_canal_windmill Canal and windmill Leiden_windmill Leiden's windmill Leiden_harbor_windmill Windmill on the Old Rhein Leiden_windmill_under_sail Another windmill, this one is use. Leiden_schoolchildren_in_boat Dutch school class on a Leiden canal tour. Leiden_boys_at_canal Can you ever keep boys away from water? Leidan_Sunday_School_girls Sisters on their way to Sunday School Leiden_model_sailboat A remote-control model sailboat on the canal Leiden_fishing_rods_and_sky Fisnermen's poles Leiden_men_fishing The gentlemen who were fishing Leiden_canal_reflections Reflections Leiden_antique_shop_1 Antiques on display.  Ruth and I were engages while I was on this trip alone, and I brought her a tiny silver doll's house fireplace tool set here, as a promise that someday we'd have a house with a real fireplace. Leiden_antique_shop_2 Antiques Leiden_canal_church_drawbridge West gate and church dome Leiden_building_where_canal_had_been House opposite Peter's Church -- note how the windows show the changing street levels as the dikes built up and land was reclaimed. Leiden_Barry_Nord_cycle_poster When I stayed at a commune in Leiden, a friend named Barry Noord made this silk screen poster from a black and white photo that I took. Leiden_Parksight_Hotel The hotel where Rith and I stayed.