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Houses_of_Parliament Our 1974 trip to London. Parliament_Tower The Parliament Tower is the world's tallest free-standing gothic tower (no flying buttresses). Big_Ben_1 “Big Ben” is the name of one of the clock bells, but most people call the entire Parliament Clock Tower by that name. Big_Ben_2 Nelson's_column Alas, the famous London taxicabs, which were very roomy inside and had enough roof clearance for a gentleman to enter and sit wearing his tophat, are disappearing. Ruth_at_Trafalgar_Square Admiralty_Arch Picadilly_Circus Lambeth_Palace 10_Downing_Street Westminster_Abbey Westminster_Abby_interior This is a purchased slide (floodlighting was required). Golden_Hind Replica of the privateer for Queen Elizabeth I Sir Francis Drake's vessel. Greenwich_Observatory The Prime Meridian runs though the observatory. Greenwich_Palace Admiralty Mounted_guards_approach_Buckingham A series of shots of the Changing of the Guard, at Buckingham Palace. Buckingham_street_sweeper Buckingham_guard_and_doghouse Buckingham_Palace Buckingham_guard_change_4 Buckingham_guard_change_3 Buckingham_guard_change_2 Buckingham_guard_change_1 Regent's_Park_4 The next few shots are of beautiful Regent's Park. Regent's_Park_3_Ruth Regent's_Park_2 Regent's_Park_1_gate Regent's_Park_7_Ruth Regent's_Park_6 Regent's_Park_5_Ruth Horse_Guard_1 Now for shots at the Horse Guard's Palace and Parade.  Dress rehearsal for the Queen's birthday celebration were taking place, so we got to see guard changes and parades, but without crowds (lucky us!).
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