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Horse_Guard_2 Horse_Guard_4_Ruth Horse_Guard_3 Horse_Guard_5 Changing of the guard at the Horse Guard... Horse_Guard_6 Inspection: The officer is in black.  We're looking over the corporal's shoulder. The sergeant is behind the line of guards. Horse_Guard_7 Horse_Guard_8 Horse_Guard_9 Horse_Guard_11_dismount Synchronized dismount.  Look carefully; there are two horses and two guards dismounting in unison. Horse_Guard_12_mounted_troop Horse_Guard_10_parade Tower_Bridge_1 Tower bridge and the Tower of London. Tower_of_London_Traitor's_Gate Traitor's_Gate Tower_Bridge_4_thru_archway Tower_Bridge_3_from_Tower_of_London Tower_Bridge_2_detail Beefeater_execution_spot Beefeater Bloody_Tower Royal_Apartments moat_menagerie_Bell_Tower White_Tower_and_Roman_wall Bell_Tower Tower_and_moat Thomas_More's_chapel Walter_Releigh's_cell StPeter_ad_Vincula_chapel