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lg_1 These slides were taken in August 1976 at Longwood Garden, Kennett Square, PA (near Philadelphia).  I wish to thank the Longwood staff for kindly identifying my slides (31 years later!) for captioning.  Longwood's Web site is  The flowers pictured here are of a Crepe Myrtle. lg_2_shrimp_plant Shrimp Plant lg_3 Phlox lg_4_white_orchid Orchid lg_5 Begonia lg_6 Fuchsia lg_8 Hibiscus lg_7_lantana Lantana lg_9 Waterlily lg_10 Canna lg_11 Crinnum lg_12 Mallow lg_13 Waterlily lg_14 Clerodendrum thomsoniae; Bleeding-heart Glorybower lg_15 Waterlily lg_16 Water Hyacinth lg_17 Cacti lg_18 Clerodendrum ugandense lg_19 Crinum lg_20 Zebra Plant lg_21_hibiscus Hibiscus lg_22 Achimenes (gesneriad) lg_23_cactus Cacti lg_24 Cacti lg_25_cactus Cacti lg_26_assorted_cacti Cacti lg_27 Orchid lg_28 Orchid lg_32_giant_water_lilies Victoria Waterlily lg_29 The East Conservatory no longer exists. lg_30 Old East Conservatory lg_31 Old East Conservatory
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