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01-ariport Ruth and I went to Nevis at Easter-time in 1979.  Nevis and its larger neighbor St. Kitts make up a nation.  Nevis is only 36 square miles in area and has a population of only 12,000.  Its capital (and only town) is Charlestown.  This is the tiny ariport, served by 9-passenger DeHaviland Otter aircraft for commercial flights.  Alexander Hamilton was born on Nevis.  So was the actress Cicely Tyson.  And after winning a battle and seizing some French ships off Nevis, Lord  Admiral Horatio Nelson, hero of Trafalgar, married the Nevis resident widow Fanny Nesbit in Nevis. 02-dock_sign The dock entrance to Charlestown. 04-AH_house The ruins of the house where Alexander Hamilton was born. 03-AH_placque Hamilton was born on Janyary 11, 1755 or 1757.  This placque gives the date as 1757. 05-Pinney's_Beach Pinney's Beach, the longest (3.5 miles) beach on Nevis. 06-Pinney's_Beach People gather on Pinney's Beach in the Easter weekend morning. 07-Easter_bathers Then kids gather to swim, and picnics are set up. 08-three_nice_ladies When we arrived, Ruth foolishly laid in the sun without sunscreen (our luggage had not followed us immediately) and in 10 minutes was seriously burned.  These three kindly ladies took Ruth into their leaf-shade shelter on the beach and soothed her sunburn with aloe that they gathered from neatby plants. 09-lagoon A small lagoon near Pinney's Beach. 10-bo-bo These kids wanted their photo taken.  Note the boy in the center front, with his bo-bo out. 11-Nevis_Peak Nevis Peak.  We would climb it. 12-Nevis_Peak Nevis Peak 13-looking_down Looking down as we ascended. 14-pasture A meadow on the peak's slopes. 15-our_guides When Ruth and I awoke and stepped outside our cottage on our first morning in Nevis, these boys were sleeping at our doorstep, and asking to be our 16-great_white_explorer Ruth, as we began our climb up Nevis Peak.  Note how spiffy she looks.  Just wait and see what the climb did to her! 17-great_white_explorer The Great White Explorer... 18-Nevis_spring Part-way up Nevis Peak, this spring bubbles up from the ground.  It is the source of the only stream on Nevis. 19-canopy The peak's rain-forest canopy. 20-trunk Vines like this one strangle the trees. 21-looking_down Looking down from near the peak. 22-bromeliad Bromeliads (air-plants) in the canopy. 23-air_roots Bromeliad roots 24-bromeliad Bromeliad 25-mountaineers Shawn and I at the peak. 26-fog_shroud The peak is usually in a cloud. 27-park_marker The peak marker blows in the trade wind. 28-dew_on_moss The clouds make the moss dewey. 29-exhausted Ruth did not make it to the peak.  This is what she looked like at her point of exhaustion. 30-buttress Rainforest tree roots form buttresses in the thin soil. 31-lantana Lantana 32
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