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01-bell USS Constitution, known as 02-us_at_wheel Us at the wheel 03-sailor_at_wheel An active-duty sailor in period uniform at the wheel 04-Ruth_sailor Ruth with the sailor 05-wheel The quarterdeck 06-wheel_detail_rudder_amidships_mark The star marks rudder amidships 07-wheel_and_binnacle The binnacle, lighted by the lamp at its top shows the compass to the man at the wheel. 08-Don't_Tread_On_Me Don't Tread On Me! 09-forecastle The forecastle and bowsprit 10-foremast Three masts 11-mast_platform Mast platform 12-masts_and_rigging 13-mast_platform 14-masts_and_rigging 15-cannon Carronade 16-gun_deck Gun deck.  The piping for fire sprinklers and the florescent lamps are modern touches, of course.  In the old days, this deck would have been painted red to hide the blood being shed preventing panic among the crew. 17-carving Sailors had the time to carve 18-lines Lines on belaying pins.  Pull a pin out to quickly release a line. 19-cannon_tools The corkscrew-like device was for cleaning cannon bores, and the wooden device was for ramming powder, wad and shot into the cannon.  They each woudl attach to handles. 20-belayed_line 21-hatch 22-vent A vent 23-Ruth_protects_her_virtue Ruth pretends to portect her virtue from a sailor. 24-grog_tub_and _scuttlebut Grog was rum with water added. The mixture, unlike pure rum, would spoil, preventing the crew from hoarding rum to get drunk on.  The barrel behind it is the butt of water, which was dispensed with a wooden drinking scuttle.  To this day, 25-galley The galley stove, and container barrels 26-capstain A capstain.  The poles were stowed. 27-pumps The bilge pumps 28-officer's_swords Officer's swords 29-irons Irons for discipline 30-officer's_bunk_and_lamp A junior officer's berth 31-bathtub The officers could use this once a month, whether they needed to or not. 31-stateroom An officer's cabin
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