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Eiffel_tower_from_Tulleries Eiffel_tower_thru_trees Eiffel_tower_Seine Ruth_at_Eiffel_park Palais_Royale_from_Eiffel The French Royal family lived here before Louis XIV had Versailles completed. Seine_Paris_from_Eiffel Arc_de_la_Trimuph_from_Eiffel Eiffel_tower_structure Eiffel_tower_at_angle us_Eiffel Sacre_Coeur Sacre Coeur is atop Montartre. Sacre_Coeur_altar Sacre_Coeur_dome Sacre_Coeur_interior_from_balcony Sacre_Coeur_main_altar Sacre_Coeur_mosaic Sacre_Coeur_Ruth Montmartre_cafe We'll visit Montmartre and then descend the stairway (we went up on a funicular railway in front of Sacre Coeur) and finish our tour at Place Pigale (where Henri Marie Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa lived) by the Moulin Rouge. Montmartre_paintings Montmartre_steps Montmartre_Ruth Moulin_rouge