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01-Ruth_Stinson_Beach These slides were taken when Ruth joined me on a business trip.  We visited Stinson Beach (Stinson Beach is a romantic cozy getaway beside the sea near the Muir Woods and Mount Tamalpais), Point Reyes National Seashore -- both in this slide show -- and Muir Woods (in a separate slide show).  This was sometime in the mid-1990s. 02-us_Stinson_Beach 03-Dan_holding_kelp_Stinson_Beach 04-bathers_Stinson_Beach 05 When you're on the Point Reyes coast you're literally standing on a tectonic plate on the west side of the San Andreas fault.  The fault cuts through the center of Tomales Bay, which separates Point Reyes from the California mainland. 06 07 08 09 10 11 12-seals_basking The grey spots are seals, basking. 13-Ruth_park_sign The caution signs were daunting.  They warned not to approach the elk, which might gore you (especially during the rut).  They warned not to walk single file, and to keep children between adults, because of mountain lions, which will attack stragglers or children.  They warned of sneaker waves which could wash you off the beach, and of great white sharks in the water.  Where can you be safe? 14-Point_Reyes_ranch A ranch in the national seashore. 15-Ruth_coastline 16 17 18-us 19 20-elk See the herd of elk in the valley? 21 22-firing_pottery_on_the_beach People were firing pottery on the beach in an Indian method. 23-surf_fisherman_with_catch This fisherman displayed his catch for us. 25-cattle Ranch cattle. 24-Dan_with_schnauzer We love schnauzers (we've always had at least two since I got my first one in the 1960s).  This one was with someone on the beach. 26-danger_sign Beware! 27 28 29 30 31-lichens Lichens on the rocks. 32-lichens_and_Pacific
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