x01 Overview of the Rheinfall, taken from an end of our family's neighborhood. x-02 Through the gap in the central rock, looking up from the observation platform you can see hotels. We stayed a night in one, with a view of the falls and a lovely sound too. x-03 A boatload of visitors heads toward the central rock. The photo is taken through mist, but the boat isn't in mist, and it's also in calm water in the rock's lee. x-04 Another view of the hotels. x-05 The central rocks from upstream. x-06 Ruth and our hosts, my cousin Max's wife Marie-Claire and their son Robert, on the upstream overlook. Behind them you can see tourists on the central rock, beneath a Swiss flag. x-07 People wend wheir way to the observation platform on paths and through catacombs along a cliff. x-08 I'm only a few yards from the falls on the observation platform. x-09 White water x-10 The observation platform from over the falls' lip. x-11 In a quiet backwater, a swan leading tow cygnets glides past a pair of covered visitor boats.