4 We got recreation on a business trip to Cambridge England in 1977, and I elected to go riding.  This is 1 And here is the instructor on Sonny. 3 Left to tight, the instructor, the stable owner's daughter, and the stable owner. 2 They had us jumping by the end of the lesson. 5 The paddock 6 Pasture and pens 7 The only photo I was able to take from horseback. I had imagined that we'd be riding around the country on American western-style saddles, and that I would be taking photos of the countryside.  Instead, we received an actual lesson in English-style riding, which terrified me.  There's no saddle horn, I needed proper boots because my footwear slid forward in the stirrups causing them to hurt my ankles, and the horses were tall and quite spirited and I felt totally out of control. And the horses responded only to British commands such as