owlshead Rockland, ME: Owl's Head light overlooks Rockland's Harbor. dan-owlshead Here I am up by the light. owlshead-view A better view with me out of the way! owlshead-harborview The view back toward Rockland. olson-ruth Ruth is posed here at the actual Olson House site, as if in the famous 1948 Andrew Wyeth painting bunzwrld olson-field The Olson's field and the bay behind where Wyeth stood while painting olson-field-dan Here I am with the friendly free-ranging mare that was part of the exhibit. dan-ruth-millers Miller's Wharf: Ruth and I had one of the great lobster millers-view2 One of the views from Miller's Wharf millers-view And another. bayview And a third. dan-oldgranite Rockland: Ruth and I stayed at the Old Granite Inn, a lovely B&B right on Main Street across from the Vinalhaven Island ferry terminal. cat-ogi Our room came with a guest. dan-lavin1 One attraction was the North Atlantic Folk Festival. Christine Lavin was the top-billed artist. I'm on stage with her. (Green Jacket, next to Christine, holding harmonica. ruth-wyethchurch One of Andrew Wyeth's famous paintings is of his family's church in Rockland. It's now part of the Farnsworth Museum and houses multigenerational Wyeth works. Ruth here sits by the church's front 2nd-floor window. dan-cat-ogi Me in our room with one of the Old Granite Inn's house-cats. dan-puffinsnest Mary Smith, receptionist where I worked ath the time, was fond of puffins, so Ruth took this for me to give her. I probably spoiled it for her, because I'm sure she's not as fond of me. So I got her a puffin postcard too. lavin Me (green raincoat) on stage with Christine Lavin doing