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RT-MT-whelk Saint John, US Virgin Islands: We vacationed on Saint John, US Virgin Islands between Christmas 2000 and New Year's Eve of 2001. Near Waterlemon Key. I brought up this whelk, held here by Ruth and Mathilda. 4-eye-butterflyfish We took these pictures while just casually snorkeling around. The big regret was not having camera in-hand when we swam among green sea turtles! Here's a four-eye butterfly fish. blue-parrotfish A blue parrotfish. Parrotfish chew coral to eat the organisms inside and excrete the coral limestone as fine sand. bluewrasse-juveniledamselfish A blue wrasse and a juvenile damselfish. Damselfish turn yellow, tail-first. damselfish An adult damselfish. cowfish Cowfish have a pair of horns on their head.  With their natural protection, they're quite tame, swim slowly, and can nearly be touched. tang-yellowtails Tang and yellowtail swim in schools. octopus An octopus checks out visitors to his garden. urchin-and-seafan A sea urchin and a sea fan. pelican Pelicans will greet you as you come ashore. xmaslights steeldrums Not exactly sugarmill An abandoned sugarmill windmill and the view from the sugar plantation. view-from-sugarmill tropicalflowers Tropical flowers always please the eye.  Even when they overgrow a wrecked truck truck waterlemon We snorkelled around the pretty little island of Waterlemon Key. waterlemon-pano whitecheek-pintails These are whitecheeked pintail ducks in the pond adjacent to our cottage. donkey Feral donkeys patrol the southern and eastern end of the island. crabrace What to do at night? There's always the excitement of hermit crab races. sjvi1 Views around St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands sjvi10 sjvi10a sjvi11 sjvi2 sjvi14a sjvi15a sjvi16a sjvi17 sjvi17a sjvi18a
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