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Alps Ruth and I visited the Interlaken region of the Swiss Alps in the Bernese Oberland in 1974. cog_railway_station To ascend the Shilthorn, we took a train from Interlaken to Lauterbrunnen, where we then boarded this cog railway. It took us to another part of Lauterbrunnen, where we boarded a funicular. funicular The Lauterbrunnen to Grutchalp funicular, which has served the area for over 100 years, was replaced in April 2006 by a new cable car.  A funicular is a cable tram that uses two cars, each a counterweight to the other.  You can see the spot in the tracks where the tracks diverge to let the cars pass by each other at the halfway point. cable_car At Mürren you take a cable car to the peak.  This car was departing as we arrived. Murren Mürren from our cable car.  Mürren is a pedestrian town, there are no cars there. Murren_and_Jungfrau And from still higher. view_from_cablecar And higher! top_of_Schitlhorn The Shilthorn peak: 2,970 metres (9,744 ft).  The Jungfrau is higher (but cost more to get to). rock_columns cairn_on_alpine_pillar Jungfrau Looking at the Jungfrau (yes, it looks like a young woman's breasts, hence the name). Interlaken Interlaken from Mürren. Schilthorn_peaks_1 View across the alps from the Schilthorn peak.  One can see France, Italy, Germany, and Autria. Schilthorn_peaks_2 rich_mountain_meadows alpine_waterfall Staubbach Falls wild_crocuses Wild crocuses in a Schilthorn alpine meadow.  Note the dead grass leaves all bent the same direction by the snows. alpine_flower_1 Ruth's hand shows the scale of this alpine meadow blossom. alpine_flower_2 alpine_flower_3 alpine_flower_4 alpine_flower_5 alpine_flower_6 alpine_flower_7 These flowers were so small I used my pen to show their scale. alpine_flower_8 alpine_meadow_boquet An alpine pasture boquet of wild flowers. Ruth_with_alpine_meadow_flowers alps_and_Thunersee Lake Thun (German: Thunersee) is a lake in the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland. It is located just north of the Alps, at approximately 46°41′N 7°43′E. The lake is 17.5 km long and 3.5 km wide at its widest point. The surface area is 48.3 km². The maximum depth is 217 m, which gives it a total freshwater volume of about 6.5 km³. The city of Thun is located on the north side of the lake and gives the lake its name. flag_garden_on_Thunersee Garden flag restaurant_on_Thunersee tiled_roofs_on_Thunersee castle_on_Thunersee
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