pub In March 2003 I had a business trip to the UK and was able to squeeze in a weekend visit with Jane and Tom (right) Bown. In 1984 Ruth and our daughter Mathilda were able to accompany me on an extended business trip, and we tacked on a bit of vacation, ending up, as Ruth wished, in Wales, her ancestral land. We'd found Tom & Jane's B&B 06_double_rainbow A fantastic double rainbow over Drws y Coed (photo by our daughter Mathilda, taken on her 1994 visit). quilt Ruth made this quilted table runner for me to bring as a gift. Tom and Jane are at their garden wall, with their sheep pasture behind. lamb I enjoyed bottle-feeding one of Tom's few orphaned lambs. steam_plow_pano This tractor engine is one half of a steam plow tandem. In older times, the rig's owners would hire out to plow farners' fields. It took three men to run the rig, one on each engine to manage the fire and steampressure and advance the engine a row at a time, and also to engage or free the cable-wheel beneath the engine. The third man rode the see-saw cable-drawn plow, alternating the down end according to the direction it was being pulled. steam_plows In this shot you can see both engines and the plow just being pulled toward the distant one. This was a demonstration at a farm festival that Tom and Jane took me to. ruins2 Tom and Jane also took me to these ruins. ruins1 restaurant1 And they took me to luncheon at this magnificant restaurant. restaurant2 daffodils Daffodils on the Bown's lane. yellow_flowers On the Bown's lane. lake This senic lake is one of Jane's favorite spots. dan_3children Me with Jane & Tom's grandchildren, children of Carol & Derwyn, son Bedwyr, daughter Gwenan & son Morgan. carol_derwin_2children Carol & Derwyn with Gwenan & Bedwyr. kitchen Jane, daughter-in-law Nia, me and Jane & Tom's son Emlyn. They have a house and a B&B adjoining Jane & Tom's. yellow_balloon William Bown, his fiancee Leah, and their neice Gwenan. 5girls Me with Tom & Jane's son Brian, and his wife Nia, who have a nearby farm and B&B 2girls shore pasture pasture_pano1 pasture_pano2 sunset1 sunset2