01 This slide show is of photos we've taken of birds and other animals at various times.  Not all are at zoos; some are at farms or exhibits and fairs, or in the wild.  Photos of animals taken at specific locations (e.g., in Dominica) are in travel destination slide shows.  Not all of the slides are captioned -- if you can identify any uncaptioned animal please write to me.  Thanks.  This photo was taken at a now-defunct private Zoo in Hubbardston MA. The owner, pictured here, liked to play with his wild animals. 02 Golden pheasant 03 09 12 13 Peacock 14 Peahen 06 Mute swan 11 Ducks. The all-white ones are Long Island Runners, the one with a red patch on its face is a Muscovy. 19 Ducklings 04 White-tailed deer 05 07 08 Coyotes 10 Cows 15 Bengal tiger 16 Politicians.  Oops!  Pigs. 17 Chicken 18 Bunny rabbit.  Taken in the wild (at great personal risk). 20 Bears 21 Caribou (Reindeer) 23 Zoo owner with black bear. 22 I feed the black bear a marshmallow.