Up one level
IMG_1033 View from the summti ot Mount Wachusett (611m, 2006 ft) in Massachusetts on October 19, 2008. IMG_1034 The mountain is the location of the largest known Old Growth Forest east of the Connecticut River in Massachusetts, with trees dating over 350 years old. This view is to the south. To the east onc can see Boston and to the north, Mt. Monadnock in NH. On a few extraordinary days each decade it is said to be possible to see Mt. Washington in NH to the north. IMG_1035 Ruth with Ranger and Lyla on one of the hiking trails up Mt. Wachusett. IMG_1036 A better look at them. IMG_1037 And me. IMG_1038 And us both. IMG_1039 And Ruth again! IMG_1040 One of the ski slopes. IMG_1041 Wachusett Reservoir from the mountain.