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Us at a birthday brunch for Mathilda.

Our 1973 wedding portrait.

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Ruth's mother's 1944 voice recital.

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Our former toy (we sold our Miata when we retired to Dominica).
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The Tanner ancestral home.
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Ruth doing volunteer work at the WTC site.
Summerfield School Class of 1954 photo for classmates (and the curious!).

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Dan, Ruth and Mathilda Tanner

We're the Tanner family. I'm retired from hi-tech. Ruth retired from administering an office for the US Army Soldier Systems Center. Our daughter Mathilda (my late mother's namesake) is a multi award-winning multimedia artist. After working as Artist In Residence for six summers at Chilmark Pottery on Martha's Vineyard, she worked and studied in NY City in the summers of 2000 and 2001, before returning to UMass/Amherst to complete her senior year. She graduated cum laude in May 2002. She completed the difficult and competitive two years of training and teaching obligation of the NY City Teaching Fellowship, earning her master's degree in May 2006. She taught life sciences and art as therapy to special needs students at Harry S Truman High Shool in the Bronx NY for six years. She now lives in Black Mountain NC where she works as an artist and potter d/b/a Firefly Pottery Arts. See a slide show of her recent works here.

In September 1999, a Falmouth couple who had been among several bidders for the piece Mathilda incised and called "Four Seasons" since its appearance three years earlier in Cape Cod Life magazine came to Chilmark Pottery and purchased the vase for $1200. They are displaying it in an art deco room in their custom-built home. For photos of Mathilda at her art use this link to Mathilda's art from childhood to college. From that page, click on "Ceramics" to see "Four Seasons" as photographed in Cape Cod Life.

Our pets are a two miniature schnauzers "Lyla" (black) and "Moxie" (sale and pepper) and a calico cat "Coco". We like to visit nature's beauty spots. We enjoy hiking, birdwatching and snorkeling. My hobby is entertaining with my harmonica playing, sing-alongs, humor, stories and Ranger's & Lyla's tricks. Ruth loves gardening and has many needlework hobbies, with quilting her passion.

For pix of our dogs and our dear departed pets, use this pets link.
For summer 1999 shots of our former home in Westboro MA (we lived there from 1977 to 2008) and its front-yard garden in bloom, use this link: our former house and yard. The link to our retirement villa "Sea Fans" at the top of this page shows where we lived from late 2008 to late 2014. We live in Black Mountain NC, in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains now. To see antiques from Dan's early days in the computer industry, use this link EAI Model TR10 for an analog computer and this link RCA Spectra 70 for a digital mainframe.

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Love, Peace and Happiness,

Dan, Ruth & Mathilda Tanner

Steve Livingston My cousin the Asheville NC "Stereo Man"

Bruce Livingston, my cousin and a fantastic photographic artist.

Jeffrey & DeAnne White Physical therapist & HR manager. Jarod Gerard born 3/3/99; our 26th anniversary!. Baby pix!

Sarah & Dave Morin Pharmacist and Engineer, and their son Luke's blog; links to extended family photo albums.

Drwys y Coed Tom & Jane Bown's B&B, a wonderful place with wonderful hosts!

Art of Yong O. Chen - dear friend & outstanding watercolorist. Artist & Illustrator: Posters, Portraits & Childrens' books.

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