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teddybears lem1299 lem_checks_camera lem-porch Lem likes the Martha's Vineyard Campmeeting Association. lem-spaghetti And he loves spaghetti anywhere, anytime! Farfel-Mitzi-Ballou_LittleSilver Farfel, Mitzi and Cat Ballou at Grandmom's house. Farfel-Pookie-01 Farfel and Pookie lem-dollhouse CosyJedX Cosy (left) and her son Jed. MT-Krumbs-Cosy Mathilda with Krumbs (left) and Cosy. jed Jed jed-hoop Jed jumps through a hoop. ruth-cosy-lem-quilt Ruth, Cosy and Lem. cosy-lem-plate Lem and Cosy rt-mt-olddogs Mathilda loved Cosy (left) and Farfel. ruth-mitzi Ruth upon getting Mitzi. ruth-ballou Ruth with Cat Ballou. shoe-chew Pansy chews a sneaker. easyrider-fencetop Easy Rider walks our picket fence. Easy-Rider_picket-fence Easy Rider silver-kiss Ruth is about to get a kiss from Silver. sinkbath Pansy's bath. PansyX All dry. Mitzi_in_1982 Mitzi Pookie-01 Pookie Pookie-02 Pookie Pookie_young_with_blue_collar Pookie Ballou-01 Cat Ballou Ballou_and_Easy-Rider-01 Cat Ballou and Easy Rider Ballou_on_coffee_table Cat Ballou farfel-ballou Farfel and Cat Ballou abe Abe
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