Slide Shows: Dominica, the “Nature Island”

Sea-Fans Apartment.

Eternity Car Imports.

Alick's Car Rental.

Land for sale in Calibishie.

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“Devil's Gate,” at the west end of Calibishie Bay, Calibishie, Dominica (8Jan2007).


"Sea Fans", our house and yard, April 2010

"Underwater pix taken at Scott's Head, September 26, 2010

Carnival 2010 in Roseau

Trafalgar and Victoria Falls

Botanical Gardens

Brenner Falls, Cold Soufriere, and a galleon

Giraudel Flower Show, 2014

Carib Territory

Silks resort garden

Underwater: Coral at Toucari Bay

Underwater: Underwater at Scott's Head

Video (30 sec): Volcanic ash on Feb 10, 2010

Video (8 sec): Cold, bubbling sulphuric soufriere

Video: (59 sec) Baby sea turtles crawling seaward.
We were there, at Batibou Beach on October 27, 2013. The video was taken by the beach's owner, who held her iPad upside-down. Clicking this link downloads an Apple QuickTime video clip.

December 2007 - January 2008
Slide shows, featuring scenic walks, hot springs, waterfalls, seashells, sunset on a bay, flowers (as always), and more.
June - July 2007
Slide show, featuring bouquets, Secret Beach (with underwater and cave photos), Sand Bay, Black Sand Beach, identified blossoms and fruits, Morne Diablotin National Park Visitor's Center, Syndicate & Sisserou Falls, Randy's Restaurant, some yummy plates, our finished ground floor, and a few shots of us enjoying it all.
December 2006 to January 2007
Beautiful Seashells
Flowers and Frogs
Some Underwater Photos

June to early July 2006
Funny shots
Our place
Silks at Hatton Garden, a place of incredible beauty.

Christmas 2005 to late January 2006
Dominica scenery
Our yard
Great photos, underwater at Champagne and of Trafalgar Falls.

Feb-Mar 2004: Our land-purchase trip
Our 2004 Trip
Christmas 2001 to early January 2002
Underwater at Champagne and at Secret Beach
Other 2001-2 Holiday pix
A 2-slide show of Scott's Head

From 1987
Underwater (best edited photos).
Other shots (best edited photos).

Documenting our building, “Sea Fans”.
First phase of building, May 2005
Starting the second phase of building, November 2006
Finishing the second phase, December 2006-January 2007
The third phase (2008-9) will be our retirement villa above and larger than the ground floor sections.


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Dominica Weekly Christophe Joseph’s excellent on-line newspaper

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