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rex-01 Our 1973 honeymoon was at Mardi Gras in New Orleans. [Wikipedia: Mardi Gras (French for museum-13 This is one of the exhibits in the Mardi Gras Museum in the Presbytere, the Louisiana State Museum, 751 Chartres St., New Orleans (Jackson Square to the right of St. Louis Cathedral). museum-16 Costumes on display. museum-15 A museum-14 Ruth at the exhibit entrance. ponch-02 There's a Mardi Gras fountain at Lake Ponchartrain. ponch-01 The bacchus-17 The Krewe of Bacchus bacchus-18 Next comes a brass band. bacchus-22 And a club whose members drive tiny cars. bacchus-19 The theme of the Bacchus parade that year was the movies.  This was the theme announcement float. bacchus-20 The movie was bacchus-23 bacchus-24 King Kong bacchus-25 Queen Kong rex-26 This the the King Rex float.  Rex rolls at noon on Mardi Gras, and is officially the last parade of the twelve-day celebration. rex-27 rex-28 Here's the Rex theme announcement float: rex-29 Rex brass band. rex-30 Olympia Brass Band. rex-31 Henry VIII rex-32 Good King Wenceslas rex-33 Quees Elizabeth I rex-34 King Louis XIV rex-38 Tsarina Cathreine the Great rex-37 Old King Cole rex-36 The Queen of Hearts rex-35 King Midas rex-39 Pharoh Ramses rex-40 King Solomon rex-41 Queen of Sheba rex-42 The Snow Queen
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