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33-cows A pasture on the slopes. 34-Rith_and_Shawn Ruth and Shawn. 35-donkey Another pastoral scene. 36-coming_back_down Climbing back down. 37-lizard A gecko. 38-lizard Gecko 39-bromeliad Bromeliad 40-Nelson's_church Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson and Fanny Nesbit were married here in March 11, 1787. 41-Nelson_souvineer This is a souvineer contemporaneous with Nelson's heroic death at Trafalgar on October 21, 1805. 42-Nelson's_signal Nelson's last signal at Trafalgar: 43-Nelson_letter One of Nelson's letters. 44-cash_register The church was also a museum, and displayed this clever cash register. 45 Allemanda 46-windmill_base The base of a windmill that once crushed sugarcane to extract its juice. 47-cactus Cactus 48-bougainvilla Bougainvilla 49-bougainvilla Bougainvilla 50-bougainvilla Bougainvilla 51 52 53 54-wild_pea Flower on a wild pea vine.  Wild peas are good to eat, and are also called 54-wild_pea_closeup Look at the pea flower and you can immediately see why the peacock is so named.  It looks exactly like the bird displaying its plumage. 55 56-allemanda Allemanda 57-us Shawn took this of us. 58 59 60 61 62 63
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