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64 65-ixoria Ixoria 66-bottle_brush Bottle-brush 67 68 69 70-boquet A boquet at the hotel. 71-poinsietta Poinsietta 72 73 75-orchid Orchid 74 76-chenille Chenille (center), bougianvilla above. 77-hibiscus Hibiscus come in many colors and varities. 78-hibiscus Hibiscus 79-hibiscus Hibiscus 80-hibiscus Hibiscus 81-hibiscus Hibiscus 82-anthurium Anthurium also come in mumerous colors. 83-garden Garden at a restaurant. 84-heliconia Heliconia.  These come in many colors and shapes too.  This is the 85 86-waterlilies Waterlillies 87 88 89 90-prickly_pear Prickly pear cactus. 91-model_cane_mill A model of a sugar cane mill.  Donkey carts would deliver the cut cane.  Its juice would be crushed out in the windmill, and boiled down to molasses in the house. 92-beach Beach with St. Kitts 2 miles across the channel.  Crossing it, one must allow for the Gulf Stream current running rapidly through. 93-egret Cattle egret 94-beach 95
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