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IMG_0651 This is the spring that we had access rights to just off our land in Pennsylvania's Pocono Mountains .  The rock basin made for it over 50 years ago has filled with leaves and silt. We bought our land in 1956 and built a 16 x 20 foot cabin on it, but lost it all 10 years later to eminent domain for the never-built Tocks Island Dam. IMG_0652 This is the ledge on what used to be our land, viewed from our old access road. IMG_0653 Ruth on our land, with Harold Dingman Arnold Jr., son of the man who sold us our land and a descendant of the man who established a ferry at what is now Dingman's Ferry PA. IMG_0654 This is one of the pilings our cabin had stood on. The scrapped dam project made the area the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, and at least spared it the ravages of IMG_0655 Our cabin was carted away by a successful salvage bidder. The timbers here are what remained of our outhouse. IMG_0656 Just behind our land, someone illegally mined the crushed blue shale & slate gravel to sell for people's driveways -- and left this ravaged spot. IMG_0657 A view from the top of our ledge.  Dad had planned to build a retirement house up here, above the cabin's location. IMG_0659 Ruth and me atop our ledge. IMG_0660 View from our ledge. The hill crest beyond the trees is the Kittatiny Mountain Range across the Delaware River, in New Jersey. IMG_0661 On the path from our land to IMG_0662 View from Fossil Hill: Delaware River, 2 spans of the Dingman's Ferry Bridge, and the Kittatiny Range in NJ. IMG_0663 Ruth and me at Fossil Hill. IMG_0664 A zoom-in of the Dingman's Ferry Bridge from Fossil Hill. IMG_0665 A fossil brachiopod (look the word up in Wikipedia); about 550 million years old. IMG_0666 The fossil ledge on Fossil Hill. Just about every rock has a brachiopod fossil in it. IMG_0667 Ruth enjoys fossil collecting. IMG_0669 It had snowed on the night of November 10, and some remained on Fossil Hill. Ruth is prepared to toss a snowball. IMG_0670 Bears live in the area too. This answers the old question... IMG_0671 The Arnold family's pond at the road and where our access drive began. IMG_0672 Arnold's pond. IMG_0673 Before we built our cabin we stayed at the now-defunct Echo Valley cabins.  This is one of three still standing. The rear section is an added bathroom; when we stayed there they had no running water, and Dad made us wash at the outdoor pump each morning while he woke everyine with his yodeling. Note the old communal outhouse behind the cabin. IMG_0674 The house in the IMG_0675 A small waterfall on Adams Creek on property that had once been the location of the White Deer Cabins, another place we stayed before we built our place. IMG_0676 The White Deer Cabins waterfall. IMG_0677 Fulmer Falls at George W. Childs State Park in Dingman's Ferry PA. It is the middle of 3 falls in the park, which is on Dingman's Creek at the edge of the Delaware Water Gap. IMG_0678 Factory Falls at Child's Park; it's the uppermost falls. We used to swim here. IMG_0679 The water-powered factory's ruins. IMG_0680 View from above Factory Falls. IMG_0681 The top half of factory falls; we used to swim here too. IMG_0682 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0683 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0684 Fulmer Falls.
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