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IMG_0685 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0686 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0687 Ruth with Fulmer Falls behind her. IMG_0688 Above Deer Leap Falls, the lowest of the falls in Child's Park. IMG_0689 Looking down Deer Leap Falls from the bridge over it. IMG_0690 Deer Leap Falls. IMG_0691 Deer Leap Falls. Another swimming hole. IMG_0692 Deer Leap Falls. IMG_0693 Dingman's Creek between Fulmer & Deer Leap Falls. IMG_0694 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0695 Fulmer Falls. IMG_0696 Delaware Water Gap map. The arrow shows Child's Park's location. IMG_0697 The House at Dingman's Bridge. Visit The 1955 flood after Hurricane Carol was to the 2nd floor. IMG_0698 Dingman's Bridge. IMG_0699 Blaise Hotlen, the bridge's present owner models a Dingman's Bridge cap. He remembered the permanent town residents that we knew. The dam project condemned the town and he salvaged 9 houses to build his own on the ridge, and he also rebuilt the stone Methodist Church up the Poconos ridge. IMG_0700 IMG_0701 The bridge toll house. IMG_0702 IMG_0703 View down the Delaware. IMG_0704 Lower Dingman's creek, as we walked up to Dingman's and Silver Thread Falls. IMG_0705 Beautiful late foliage. IMG_0706 The area was closed to cars for the season, but we walked in (a 1 hour and 20 minute trip, including time spent taking photos). IMG_0707 Silver Thread Falls is on a small tributary feeding Dingman's Creek, which itself enpties into the Delaware. IMG_0708 Silver Thread Falls. IMG_0709 Dingman's Falls. IMG_0710 Dingman's Falls. IMG_0711 Dingman's Falls. IMG_0712 Dingman's Falls. IMG_0713 Looking down from the top of Dingman's Falls. IMG_0714 Looking down from the top of Dingman's Falls. IMG_0715 The top of Dingman's Falls. IMG_0716 Looking down from the top of Dingman's Falls.
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